Moreover, we have been supporting many foreign customers by mainly assisting buying and selling real estate proceeding transactions.

So, please feel free to inquire with us on anything that you are looking for, such as buying and selling real estate, or renting, etc.

At NOIR, we are ready to provide you to meet your satisfaction, and provide you with our real estate property data that ultimately suits your need anywhere, when it comes to real estate in Japan.

For inquiries, please write and contact us with your request in email with the following items.

・ Your budget (for example; from how much to how much)
・ Your desired area (location, area)
・ Your purpose of use (for personal residential use, for rental income use, vacation home use, etc.)
・ Desired type (land, wooden type building, reinforced concrete building, steel framed building, etc.)
・ Desired largeness (up to how many square meters)
・ Year of construction on the targeted building (up to how many years old the building is acceptable )
By when you wish to complete transaction
We will respond your inquiries by email or ZOOM, so do not hesitate to ask us if you need assistance on real estates in Japan. 

On top of that, should there be any occasion you are visiting Japan, we are more than welcome to assist you in checking the property with you.

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    ふりがな kana-name

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